Brand Focus: MAC

If you're anything like me then your first dive into high-end or expensive makeup will have been with MAC Cosmetics. I still remember the rush getting my first lipstick, carrying around the little yellow Selfridges bag feeling fancy af, posting pictures all over Instagram like new lipstick, who dis? I also remember the slight heartbreak at spending £15 on one lipstick, HOW MUCH!? Little did I know a couple of years later I'd be spending twice that and then some with a makeup collection worth more than my car. After this time I've managed to accumulate a nice little collection of MAC product so I thought I'd take a post to talk you through the good, bad and ugly.

Home Touches with Cox & Cox*

You might recall a post I wrote back in February in which I shared a few of the homeware bits on my wishlist and the things I want to buy in order to make my room in Manchester more of a home. Well since that post, I've slowly been picking up bits and pieces when I can afford them in order to add little finishing touches to my bedroom. I was also lucky enough to be gifted a couple of pieces from Cox & Cox, carry on reading to hear all about them!

3 Products I've Panned

It' really not often that I hit pan on a product, I have so many blushers, bronzers and highlighters that I'm constantly flicking between that the end is never really in sight for most of them. That is until you find a ride or die product, one you just keep coming back to because it just works so well. Whether that be the shade, formula or staying power, these are the ones you'll always find in your makeup bag or not far from it. And before you know it, as heartbreaking as it is, you've hit pan. That small silver circle in the centre slowly starts getting bigger and bigger and the end is inevitable. But think of it this way, once it's finished, you get to buy a pretty new one. Here's three products I've recently hit pan on:

March Beauty Favourites

I've officially made it my mission this year to get more old and neglected products back into rotation and daily use and although I'll always be trying out new brands, it's been nice pulling out old favourites that I had long forgotten about. I've picked out four products that I've been using regularly and particularly enjoying throughout the month of March.

Making A House A Home

Some of you may be aware that in September of 2016, I moved out of my family home and into a flat in Manchester. And though I'm totally settled in now and I have brought a lot of little bits and pieces with me that made it feel like home, there's still lots I want to get for the room to feel complete. Some more practical bits and others more decorative but it's all of these combined that really help to make a space more homely and comfortable.

Bright Lips For a Dull Day

One of my goals or resolutions if you will for this year was to start rocking bright lips more often and though I absolutely love my nude shades from day to night, it's been a lot of fun pulling out a few old favourites of mine that have been far too neglected for far too long. For bright shades, it's all about Mac for me. They have such a wide range of colours in all different finishes that it's so easy to find something for everyone. Recently though I have been venturing into brighter liquid lipsticks, purely for their staying power, pigmentation and matte finish. (This girl loves a matte).

Double Chocolate Valentine's Cupcakes

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that my love of chocolate will never die. Particularly my love of chocolate cakes. And as Valentine's Day is a time for celebrating with the cakes people you love, I thought I'd have a go at baking my own indulgent treat.

Why I'm Happily Single This Valentine's

We're getting to that time of year again. No, not Pancake Day or Easter unfortunately. Valentine's Day. As I write this we are four days away and it seems like with each year I get older, the pressure to conform to the holiday or do something special increases. As does the amount of people putting others down for celebrating it. (Can't we just let people enjoy things?) Everywhere we look we're bombarded by offers and ideas from different companies trying to capitalise on love. What seemingly just started as a commercial holiday aimed at making money off couples has now expanded to try and squeeze as much as they can out of us, single or not. (But I challenge you to find a holiday that isn't like that.) Still, I feel like there's still this underlying idea that as a single woman on Valentine's Day I should be bitter towards happy couples and feel lonely. And I honestly couldn't feel more the opposite. If anything, I've been thinking about just how happy I am being single. Not just for this one day in particular but at this stage in my life right now. Though I will be going out for a meal with my girlfriends and having a "Galentine's Day", I don't feel the need to do anything to take my mind off the fact that I'm single for the day because quite frankly, I couldn't care less. (Still, if Tom Hardy wants to show up with a puppy at my door, I wouldn't say no).