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What better way to start off my blog than with an insight into my bedroom, the room in which I spend the majority of my time. This is my favourite kind of post to read on other blogs and see in videos, so it's pretty fitting really. Rather than show you every single item and detail in my bedroom I've opted to pick out a few of my favourite decorative pieces. The room itself is a slight off white colour, with white and wooden fixtures and fittings. I wanted a colour scheme that would enable me to easily chop and change the different accessories and other colours within the room... currently everything is very floral, pink and feminine but this could be quickly changed with new textiles, decorations and ornaments. The white walls also help to keep the room really light and airy, something that wasn't often possible when the walls were dark purple. But the fairylights and soft colours, along with the occasional candle, still keep the room feeling really lovely and cosy. I'll also tell you details of where you can buy any of the bits in these photographs too, at least where I can remember them, just in case you fancy getting them yourself.

My desk is from Ikea. The Alex drawers, legs and table top are all bought as separate items and then assembled in a sort of "design your own" style. The flower lights you see draped around the TV and picture frame are from Amazon. That candle is also one of the most incredible candles I have ever burnt. It's Brownie Delight by Village Candle and if you're into sweet and chocolatey smells, then this candle is perfect for you. I've never had a candle that fills the room with such an amazing smell and makes me SO hungry.

Desk lamp, fake orchid and plant pot all from Ikea. 

The beautiful silver jewellery box was a 21st birthday present from a friend and comes from Laura Ashley. The two pheasant sculptures were also birthday presents. I believe they're salt and pepper shakers but I think they make really pretty ornaments. 

Fake plant and plant pot both from Ikea. Because real flowers are just far too much effort and fake plants allow you to add the same pretty pop of colour without the added cost of replacing them constantly and the effort of having to water them, which let's be honest, I would completely forget to do. 
Silver filigree fairylights from Primark. I love fairylights like these for adding a really pretty and subtle atmosphere to the room. They're especially effective during these Autumn/Winter months where the evenings are getting darker. 

The heart glass mason jar holding my Real Techniques brushes comes from Asda and the plastic box holding my Zoeva brushes is a Zoeva container, (Excuse the dirty brushes, I'm lazy)

All cushions from Primark, Dunelm Mill and Asda. Fairylights from B&M.

The bookcase is from Ikea and is part of the Billy range. Floral and white wicker baskets came as a set of 3 from Tesco many years ago but Dunelm do a very similar, if not identical range. On the shelves I have a selection of books and films, here you can see my Graphic Design book collection as well as a few other favourites such as Pretty Honest. 

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  1. I love bedrooms with a bookshelf - I think it's so funny how much more homely it can make it feel!

    Ruby x