Boxing Day Lush Haul

 Like seemingly everyone on my Twitter feed come Boxing Day, I was waiting for the Lush sale to go live. I wouldn't say I was overly excited for it, this is the first year I've ever had a look in fact but I guess fear of missing out got the best of me. Getting on to their website Boxing Day however was an absolute nightmare. At one point I was told I was 500 and something in the queue and let me tell you, ain't nobody got time for dat. So I left it until a couple of days later and yes I did miss out on a lot of cheap Christmas pieces but they still had a really nice selection to choose from at a fraction of the price. I've also included all the bits I was given by my sister for Christmas in this post.

I did already use one of the bath bombs my sister bought me, my bad! But I still have a few bits left to choose from and show you.

Candy Mountain | Bubble Bar: I love the Lush bubble bars purely because you get a lot more use for your money. You can crumble as much as you like of these under your running tap to create mountains of bubbles, saving the rest for a later date. I believe this is seasonal as I can't find this on the website any more but the scent is a gorgeous vanilla, super sweet and super pretty.

Pop In The Bath | Bubble Bar: Not one I'd normally gravitate towards, again as a bubble bar you can use as little or as much as you like, getting four or five baths out of one product. This is full of citrus scents, really refreshing and uplifting.

Intergalactic | Bath Bomb: One of my person favourites, this leaves you feeling like you're bathing among the stars. It's super vibrant, glittery and fills the room with a delicious peppermint scent.

Dragons Egg | Bath Bomb: Though the plain white exterior may look simple, this turns the bath a gorgeous gold shade and is full of lemon citrus scents and popping candy. The best kind of scents for feeling totally fresh and invigorated.

I also picked up a few bits in the sale that were seriously reduced in price. I chose one of the Christmas gift boxes full of bubble bars and bath bombs (my favourite of Lush products) and a couple of little bottles of Snow Fairy. All of these products are unfortunately seasonal and won't be back in store until potentially next Christmas but I still wanted to share what I picked up with you all.

Peeping Santa | Bubble Bar: A combination of shea butter and strawberry, this little bubble bar is absolutely adorable! It reminds me of a little red meringue.

Lord Of Misrule | Bath Bomb: I wish I'd picked up some of the Lord Of Misrule shower gel as I absolutely adore this scent. For me it feels very sexy and musky, probably a result of the herbs used within. Though green on the outside this turns the bath a gorgeous wine colour. Because one glass simply isn't enough.

Golden Wonder | Bath Bomb: This is a pretty sizeable bath bomb in the shape of a little golden present. Filled with refreshing lime oil and cognac, it's like bathing in a golden lustre filled cocktail.

Dashing Santa | Bath Bomb: When I think of Lush at Christmas, this is what comes to mind and I'm not entirely sure why. Full of the classic festive scent of orange, satsuma and mandarin oil.

Cinders | Bath Bomb: A lot smaller than the typical Lush bath bombs but packed full of warm and sweet festive scents, like cinnamon. Another one with popping candy!

Snow Fairy | Shower Gel: I've always been on the fence about this scent and how I feel about it. I'm a massive lover of all things sweet, food, flavours and scents but this for me is hit and miss. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I don't. I thought I should pick up a couple of small bottles while it's cheap just to give it a whirl.

Did you pick up anything in the Lush sale?


  1. You've picked up some lovely stuff from the Lush sale. I kind of gave up with the website, especially after my bad experience last year!

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

  2. Getting onto the Lush site on Boxing Day was so painful! I decided to leave it a couple of days too and still managed to get a few bits. My local store was cleared out within an hour or two of opening!

    Emily -

  3. i got a couple of these pieces for christmas too! the candy mountain bar is so so lovely and smells gorgeous


  4. I wish I had picked up some Snow Fairy, but then again, at least I'll have something to look forward to!

    Emily xo

  5. i just love lush so much. intergalactic is by far my favorite bath bomb. it makes me feel like i'm bathing in the milky way.

  6. You managed to get loads! I'm jealous! I picked up a couple of bath bombs but sadly not another Rose Jam shower gel, which is a shame as I loved it xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  7. You got some amazing things, i'm gutted I didn't pick up the snow fairy, I saw it in so many boxing day hauls but I just never managed to get one! xx

  8. What a lovely Christmas order?! I wish I picked up Golden Wonder but I have managed to get a lot of Snow Fairy treats this Christmas which I am looking forward to using :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  9. Bet you were so happy with everything you got!
    Charlotte //

  10. You got so much!!! I gave up with their site, that's two years in a row now but I did manage to get a good few items in store just last weekend which I was super surprised at!
    The gift sets are always such a good buy in the sale!!
    Gillian  xx

  11. So many amazing goodies wow - Peeping Santa is so cute I managed to pick up a few bits too!

    Lucy | Forever September