Starting My Mac Palette

One thing that always bothers me about buying eyeshadow palettes is the fact that more often than not, there's at least one or two shades that I don't like or never end up using. Don't get me wrong, I love the palettes I have but it's so difficult to find one where I love absolutely every shade and will use them all on a regular basis. That's why I decided to start my own Mac palette. I love the idea of having something completely customisable, giving me the ability to swap colours in and out as I need. It's also going to eventually be full of shades that I will wear all the time that I have hand picked and organised myself. I'd never really looked at the eyeshadows in Mac as naturally I gravitate towards the blushers and lipsticks but I now completely understand the hype and I am 100% on board.

You can pick up the x15 insert for just £2.50 and the palette for £10, then each eyeshadow pan is £10, a £3 saving on buying each of the pots individually. (You can depot them but you might as well save yourself the hassle and £3 by just buying the individual refills). I bought all six of mine over the period of a couple of months, buying one here or there when I was out shopping or had some of my wages to spare. Can you tell I love my shimmery neutrals? Eventually I hope to add even more neutrals and some matte shades, in fact I have seven of the empty slots already designated for colours I've seen and swatched in store. With the exception of one (Mythology) all of these shadows are super pigmented, creamy and blendable. At £10 a shadow I do think these are rather pricey BUT I'm honestly incredibly happy with the quality of these, they're my favourite of all the shadows I own and this palette is officially my new pride and joy. From left to right, going down the rows, I have Cranberry, Sable, Mythology, Satin Taupe, Expensive Pink and All That Glitters.

Cranberry: A deep but vibrant purple pink with a hint of shimmer. This is a colour that was personally way out of my comfort zone but I've found that it works beautifully worked into the crease with another of the more neutral shades all over the lid.

Sable: This is such a difficult shade to describe, it's like a warm brown with a hint of taupe and plum, though this doesn't come across in the picture.

Mythology: As mentioned above Mythology is the only one I have issues with. The colour is a gorgeous copper but the formula itself is a lot more flaky and dry than the others, leading to a lot more fall out.

Satin Taupe: Does exactly what it says on the tin. A cool toned taupe with a tiny hint of purple. I'm personally more a fan of warmer shades but this is gorgeous.

Expensive Pink: One of my newest shades, this is a super pretty peach pink with a gold shimmer. This shadow has a gorgeous finish and wonderful formula, definitely one for all over the lid with something a little darker blended through the crease.

All That Glitters: A personal favourite of mine and many other bloggers, to me this is a really shimmery nude champagne shade.. I love this all over the lid on my skintone but for others it could make a gorgeous highlight for the inner corner.

Cranberry, Sable, Mythology, Satin Taupe, Expensive Pink, All That Glitters. 
Next on my list I have Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Malt, Haux, Wedge, Blanc Type and Phloof! Though it may take me a while, I can't wait to fill the entire palette.

Have you started a mac palette? What shades are in yours?


  1. Those look so lovely and pigmented! I have tried all MAC products except for their eyeshadows and I think this is something I need to change! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Every single shade looks gorgeous, I really want to start creating my own MAC palette and I think these 6 shades might be my first picks now!

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

  3. I really want to do this as well because I've got the same problem as you with "ready made" palettes - there's always shades I just don't like. MAC eyeshadows are just so expensive, a pan is around 18€ in Finland which is ridiculous haha. But you gotta do what you gotta do for quality eyeshadows!
    And oh my gosh Cranberry is the most gorgeous shade, I'll probably go pick that one up tomorrow because it's beautiful!

  4. I'm really wanting to start a MAC palette but no idea where to start! But I think the shades you have chosen are the perfect starting point!

    Parie x

  5. All of these shadows look so gorgeous! I hear everyone rave about All That Glitters and I definitely want to start purchasing some Mac shadows - great post and photo's! :) xo

    Char |

  6. You've already built such a beautiful colour palette with this collection, I've got a few MAC quads and I love them dearly, this post has reminded me how I need to dig them out and use them more, the poor babies have been neglected!

    So gorgeous.

    Isabelle | ♡

  7. This palette is already so pretty, I love all the shades! I don't own any Mac eyeshadows but I swatched a few the other day they were so gorgeous. Love the pictures!
    xx Dany

  8. You've picked such amazing colours, Satin Taupe is definitely next on my list!

    Shellie Skillen

  9. i currently have only two shades in my mac palette and i really want to fill it up with shades i love. can't wait for the finish product. keep us posted on how your mac palette is going. i'd love to see that.

  10. Love that you've picked out similar shades as they'll all be used in numerous eye looks together!
    Charlotte //

  11. All of these shades look gorgeous - especially love the look of satin taupe! Thinking of making my own MAC palette after reading this.

    Lucy | Forever September

  12. Building palettes is a dream, these shades are so me too!

    Alicelle | Bloglovin’

  13. I did the 15 pan palette too but i went overboard and went for colours all in one go and would agree that it is better to do it steadily. That said most of the colours I haven't worn because I have so many other palettes that I love but I have actually narrowed down my top 5 which coincidently I have coming up in a post tomorrow. Perhaps there might be some more inspiration for you. I'd love to know what you think. I do have All that Glitters too and love it.

  14. I really want to build my own palette! It's such a great way to get shades that you really want!! I love the look of the taupe one! It's gorgeous! These are great shades to start with!

    Shannon Sage

  15. I never knew you had the option of building your own palette! I NEED TO DO THIS! I love all of these shades, they are perfect for almost anyone in my opinion:)

  16. Love the colours that you've chosen - they all go so well together! Beautiful palette so far, drools! xx

  17. I was about to start my first MAC palette but then makeup geek became available on beauty bay so i'm starting that now aha! xx

  18. I actually have all of these except Mythology! haha. All That Glitters and Sable would have to be 2 of my absolute favourite eyeshadows, MAC or otherwise :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  19. Although I haven't personally bought any myself I think I have four MAC eye shadows, all of which I've won! I know I have Cranberry and think I have All That Glitters. I then have a green one that I can't remember the name of and am pretty sure there's another one knocking around somewhere! I might actually just get a palette like this or a z palette and depot and put them all together x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  20. You've got some gorgeous shades! I really need to start a MAC palette this year, I love Satin Taupe xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie