Stila Liquid Lipstick Lowdown

For those of you who have followed my blog for a couple of months, you may remember my last post on the Stila Liquid Lipsticks (read here) where I talked briefly about one of the shades that I had tested out but as I hadn't tried the other two, I was unable to comment. Well now, 3 months down the line, I think it's about time to take a better look at my little collection, including some adorable little mini shades I received for Christmas, which I am very happy to say are now permanent, hurrah!

The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks are available to buy for £16 from most places that sell Stila products, so their official website, Feel Unique, Beauty Bay, the list goes on. And they come in a really nice range of colours. It's not the biggest range available but they have some great brights, nudes and reds to choose from. Now I am a lipstick junkie, particularly anything matte or liquid and out of those I've tried, these have to be my favourite liquid lipstick formula. These are so creamy and smooth to apply, not too liquidy and I really like the doe foot applicator they've used, it just makes them super easy to use without much fuss. The new packaging on these is also particularly nice, I'd love if they upgraded all the older shades from the simple black cap to the gold detailing. It just makes them feel that little bit more luxury. I also really enjoy the smell of these, I can't place my finger on exactly what it is but there's something strangely enjoyable about it.

As with any long lasting lip, I like to apply a bit of lip butter or vaseline to my lips while I do the rest of my makeup, just to make sure I have a nice moisturised base to work with as like anything that lasts so long, these can be slightly drying. I have found however that I can go a good few hours without noticing any dryness and taking this step beforehand as well as exfoliating your lips, really helps combat this. But boy do these last a long time, Patina is the shade I wear religiously to work because I know I don't have to worry about topping it up, even after sweating for a good 7 hours pouring pints. And the pigmentation is absolutely spot on. What's also really nice about these is that you can mix colours to create something different, so I like to add a bit of Ricco to Patina to darken it up sometimes or a bit of Pure Hollywood by Anastasia Beverly Hills to lighten up any colour.

Baci: Part of the Eternal Love collection and the lightest shade I own. This is a gorgeous light mauve shade that initially I wasn't sure I could pull off but this is such a lovely daytime shade that can be worn straight though to night. I prefer wearing this now I have a bit of fake tan on as I think this could wash me out slightly when I'm au natural.

Patina: My absolute number one. I wear this to every shift at work and this is the only liquid lipstick to survive a foot long sub and then some. The perfect dusty pink mauve shade (the best kind of shade). If you like Mehr by Mac then you'll love this. Again, perfect for day or night teamed up with a smoky eye and some dramatic lashes.

Ricco: My new favourite. Again, part of the Eternal Love Christmas set. This is a gorgeous, intense berry shade. Super dark and super vampy and so highly pigmented, all you need is one swipe for all over colour.

Venezia: Is it pink? Is it coral? Or is it both? This is the perfect Summer shade, a vibrant orange with loads of pink undertones. Sometimes it even looks red to me, it's just one of those shades that's super tricky to work out but oh so beautiful.

Carina: Everytime I wear this I forget just how bright and intense the colour is until I get into brighter lighting or into daylight. This is a full on orange and looks so gorgeous with a bit of a tan.

Beso: Part of the Eternal Love collection but also a permanent shade. For me this is just a true red shade, not too orange or blue in tone. It just screams Hollywood pinup and though I normally opt for something darker, this is still a really great colour to have in my collection.

Have you tried the Stila Liquid Lipsticks? Which is your favourite shade?


  1. I've been wanting to try these for a really long time!! But they are so pricey!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I think Stila are such an underrated brand, I'm loving the nude shades in these, they look perfect for my skintone!!
    another thing to add to my ever growing shopping list :)
    Gillian  xx

  3. All of the shades are beautiful! I'm loving the very first swatch, ugh it's gorgeous!

    McKenzie |

  4. Baci is my favourite shade, based on your swatches! These sound amazing. Up until now, NYX liquid suede has been the only liquid lipstick range for me, but maybe I should give these a go!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

  5. I love the look of Baci and Patina, definitely going to bare them in mind when I eventually treat myself to a little make up splurge! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  6. Ricco is absolutely gorgeous, these are on my wish list for this year as I only own one shade, I need Ricco though it's totally my kinda shade!

    Just Little Things xo

  7. These are all such lovely shades, I love the look of the consistency in the swatches!
    Charlotte //

  8. Ooooooooo I love the look of these! The nudey pinks are fab, great for everyday! Such a fab review and super detailed. I often worry that liquid lipsticks dry out your lips but I guess not!

    Jasmine | xx

  9. Patina is such a gorgeous shade - must get my hands on this!

    Lucy | Forever September

  10. All of these shades look gorgeous! I'm really tempted to try both Baci and Patina as they look super wearable! Great post and I love the photo's you have taken to go with it :) xo

    Char |

  11. Wow i was not expecting anything special from these but i can't get over the colours.. I esp love Baci xx

  12. I haven't tried one of these yet but I did spot them in M&S earlier (while I was killing some time in the beauty bit while the boyfriend was buying cheese!) and had a little nosey and they do look lovely x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  13. Those first three shades are beautiful!!!! I think you've converted me I really want to try liquid lipsticks and these look amazing!!!

    Albana Janjeva | Stylist | January Swimwear of the Month