Matte About Too Faced

Oh I do love a punny title, don't you? Now, I don't know what's happened to me but in the last few months I have officially become an eyeshadow addict. Lip products and blushers used to be my absolute jam but now I find myself drawn to eyeshadows and palettes more than ever before and as a result of this my collection has expanded massively. (Sorry not sorry bank balance). Experimenting with different colours and styles has become a daily occurrence (I still haven't quite picked up the courage to try anything garishly bright, maybe one day!) But one thing I had found lacking from my array of shades was a good selection of mattes.

The Body Shop Lovin'

It's about time I wrote a post to show my appreciation for all things The Body Shop and of all the products they do, my favourites have to be the bath bits. I've gone through countless bottles of their shower gel and numerous body butters and never have I been disappointed with a product. Cruelty free, incredible smells and good quality. You really can't go wrong. Though a lot of the products featured above did come as part of gift sets, it's pretty obvious what my favourite scents are. Anything from their mango range is just out of this world good.

Printing Memories with Cheerz*

In a world dominated by social media and digital memories, having things like photographs for me is very rare and like many others, all my memories and personal photographs are either stored on my phone or computer. I don't mind this, just for me personally, there's something much more special and nostalgic about having physical copies of photographs. I have in the past taken disposable cameras with me to places, as I love having the developed pictures afterwards. There's also something really nice about not knowing what your photo is going to look like but it can be pricey. Of course, you can invest in something like an Instax or Polaroid camera but depending on your budget, this just might not be an option. This is where Cheerz comes in.

Choosing Happy

I've been sat here staring at the screen for what feels like an eternity trying to find the words to write this post. It's not that it's a particularly difficult post to write, I know what I want to say. It's just that I hate to come across as preachy and sometimes it's easier to stick to what I know, whether that be my favourite lipstick or cupcake recipe. I want to write something that will inspire people or make them smile, I want to make people happy.

Treat Yourself This Valentine's*

If you read my previous post about Valentine's Day, you'll have hopefully picked up a few ideas on how to spend the day whether it be with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, friends, dog, cat or alone. In this post I thought I'd give you a few gift ideas for you to either treat yourself or someone else you love. Because we all like to be treated once in a while, god knows we deserve it.

Valentine's Day Ideas + Thornton's Giveaway*

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, for a lot of us it's time to start thinking about how and with who we're going to be spending the day. I can't go on any social network or website without being reminded of the impending occasion. Personally, I'll be wining and dining with my best friend followed by an evening on snuggling with the dog. Whether you're spending it alone, with friends, pets or indeed a loved one, here's just a few ideas for how you can spend your day. Though I'll be honest, a lot of these ideas are aimed at my fellow singletons. I also have a great giveaway at the end of this post with thanks to the lovely people over at Thornton's. 

4 Mac Lip Combinations

For me, nowhere quite does a lip combo like Mac. Yes, there are incredible lipsticks and liners out there from dozens of high end and drugstore brands but as my first ever expensive purchase, Mac will always have that special place in my heart. They're the liners I reach for on a daily basis and my lipsticks that see the most use. In fact, whenever I visit a store or counter I can almost guarantee you that the first place I will go is the lipsticks. And I'l leave with 15 different swatches up and down my arms and hands. In this post I've pulled together four of my liners and lipsticks that I think make a perfect pair.