The Body Shop Lovin'

It's about time I wrote a post to show my appreciation for all things The Body Shop and of all the products they do, my favourites have to be the bath bits. I've gone through countless bottles of their shower gel and numerous body butters and never have I been disappointed with a product. Cruelty free, incredible smells and good quality. You really can't go wrong. Though a lot of the products featured above did come as part of gift sets, it's pretty obvious what my favourite scents are. Anything from their mango range is just out of this world good.

The absolute stars of The Body Shop collection for me have to be the body butters. Though I have three pictured here, I sadly finished one just last night *sobs*. They come in a huge range of scents and do absolute wonders at keeping your entire body moisturised and smelling delicious. Admittedly, I am pretty lazy with my moisturising and only tend to do it when I know I'm fake tanning so these last me an insanely long time. The Strawberry Body Sorbet is also an incredible moisturiser that almost melts as soon as it touches the skin with an incredible cooling effect. It gives that feeling of instant hydration compared to the body butters which are a lot thicker in consistency.

Another product that comes in really handy when getting the remains of that pesky fake tan off is some sort of body scrub. This is my second tub from their mango range, it's just that good. This sugar scrub is really gentle on the skin (though I do apply it with exfoliating gloves as well because I'm pretty brutal apparently). As well as smelling amazing, it leaves the skin feeling super soft, getting rid of any dead skin cell. One product I have yet to try is their Strawberry body polish, this looks like the more gentle of the two and unlike the sugar scrub, comes as more of a gel formula. Definitely one I'm excited to try!

Something completely new to me last year from The Body Shop were their fragrances. I had no idea you could buy your favourite scent in eau de toilette form. I currently have the strawberry (which probably has about two uses left in it) and the mango. They're not the longest wearing scents and to be honest, I don't expect them to be but they're incredibly refreshing and smell divine. Something a little different to my usual perfume choices and they're an ideal size to take on the go with you.

Finally we have the Strawberry Beautifying Oil. As I currently have a bottle of Argan Oil I am desperately trying to get through, this isn't my most reached for product but every time I have I've been blown away. I've yet to test this out on my skin but applied to damp or even dry hair, this creates a beautifully frizz free finish with a lasting strawberry scent. I like to rub a little between my hands and apply it from the middle of my hair through to the tips where I have a lot of split ends and damage. And a little goes a long way. Like, a really long way. I can't see myself getting through this bottle quickly.

What are your favourite Body Shop products?


  1. I LOVE THe Body Shop. Have you tried the Spa range?

  2. I'm such a huge fan of the body shop! I love the body sorbets-mango is my favourite. I've also been loving the coconut body milk recently,
    Emily Xxx

  3. At christmas time you have to get hold of their frosted cranberry range, it's to die for!
    Charlotte //

  4. I love the Shea Butter body butter. My favourite perfume scent is Smokey Rose :) I love the sound of the mango scrub.. I'm looking for a good scrub to remove fake tan. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. Oh my goodness. now this is a collection. I haven't delved into Body Shop that much recently and definitely think it is underrated especially as a makeup brand. I am a lover of citrus/fresh scents as well and these all sound amazing! Shea butter is so good for my dry skin too! xx

  6. I haven't been to the Body Shop for a long time. I love that shop .

  7. I'm not personally a fan of their body butters because I find them too thick for me but I do love their facial skincare ranges and love their little £4 hand creams. I'm also a fan of some of their fragrances but not others as some disappear on me almost immediately x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty