En Taupe Of The World with Zoeva

I would apologise for that terrible pun but I'm really not sorry. If someone had said the word taupe to me this time last year, I'd have no idea what they were talking about. I certainly wouldn't have imagined it would be a colour and a colour I would seriously grow to love. (Seriously, I want my bridesmaids in taupe dresses and as I type this I currently have taupe nails). So no palette currently speaks to me more than the Zoeva En Taupe eyeshadow palette.

I wasn't remotely surprised to find these shadows incredible quality with everything that comes from Zoeva being consistently good. Their brushes are incredible and the one palette from them I already own is a fantastic and very reasonably priced product, so this is no exception. As someone who wears a lot of warm toned shadows, golds and browns, this palette is something completely different for me, full of cool purples, taupes and brown shades with a few really lovely stand out colours and a couple of warmer shades too. The one thing for me that the Zoeva palettes are missing is a mirror in the lid, however this does help keep them really lightweight and travel friendly, especially with the magnetic closure.

Stitch By Stitch: Of all the matte shades in this palette, this is definitely verging on the dry side of things. It's a really nice bright ivory shade, lovely for a matte highlight to the brow bone or inner corner. I don't tend to reach for it as I think there are better, creamier shades in my collection.

Handmade: A light peach pink shimmer, I love this all over the lid and inner corner for a super pretty and bright eyed look.

Gallery: For a matte shade the consistency of this is incredibly smooth and it's the perfect taupe shade, possibly my favourite of the entire palette. The colour payoff is fantastic too, perfect for adding a bit of depth to the crease.

Hour By Hour: I'd describe this as a muted dusty pink shade, nice for all over the lid but not quite the same great consistency as Gallery, it's a little drier.

Old Master: A dark grey, slightly purple shade with a bright sparkly glitter that doesn't really translate to the swatches. The texture is drier than a lot of the other shimmery shades, it almost feels like a matte finish.

Spun Pearl: A really cool silver shimmer with a smooth, bendable consistency, perfect in the inner corner to really open and brighten up the eye.

Sheers & Voiles: This bottom row for me is really where the palette excels, another fantastic shimmery taupe shade with a gorgeous consistency.

Outline: The highlight of this whole palette for me, I love buffing this into the crease to create a smoky taupe eye. The pigmentation is great with fantastic colour payoff.

Wrapped In Silk: A slightly deeper version of Sheers & Voiles but with the same smooth bendable texture.

Exquisite: The texture of this doesn't quite compare with that of Gallery, being ever so slightly on the dry side but it's a gorgeous plum colour and something a little different in the palette.

Have you tried any Zoeva palettes?


  1. I didn't think I 'needed' this palette until I saw the swatches wow they look amazing and absolutely stunning too. Definitely have my eye on it now! Zoeva can do no wrong lately x

    Beauty with charm

  2. That palette is so gorgeous! I'm so desperate to try it. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. This palette is absolutely gorgeous! I've tried the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette but am eyeing a couple of other ones at the moment, I gotta admit their pigmentation is just so great for the price you're paying! :) xx

    Kayleigh | http://kayleighmakesup.blogspot.co.uk

  4. This palette is beauuutiful! *Adds to list* As if I could want anymore palettes? Just kidding, you can never have enough. x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  5. This is such a pretty palette! It looks perfect for spring!

    xo, Liz

  6. This is definitely my next Zoeva palette purchase. I have cocoa blends and that's truly beautiful but this is definitely a more wearable 'every day' palette. Plus, a girl can never have too many eyeshadows!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

    PS. The pun was fab!

  7. I haven't tried anything from Zoeva yet, but all their eyeshadow palettes look amazing! I seriously don't think there is a single shade in any of their palettes that I wouldn't use. That's huge in the palette world! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  8. I love the look of this palette! I definitely need to add it to my every growing eyeshadow palette collection!!xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.blogspot.co.uk

  9. The shades are all so gorgeous and work together so well! I love the pun by the way;)
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  10. This is such a gorgeous palette - I have the Zoeva Cocoa Blends palette and the quality of their eyeshadows is incredible! Lovely post.

    Lucy | Forever September

  11. I love Zoeva Palettes. I think i actually prefer them to Urban Decay! I have this palette and i love it! Its brilliant for everyday wear xx


  12. Omg. So beautiful. And that pigmentation! I still have yet to try a Zoeva palette; I want them all!

  13. This looks like such a beautiful palette! I love my Zoeva brushes so would love to try a palette from them.

    fourcatsplusus.co.uk | My blog giveaway - Amy <3