22 Things I've Learned in 22 Years

Today I am officially 22 years old. The days of being 21 are behind me (though I wish I could have stayed 21 for just a little bit longer). And I feel different. I do actually feel older, not old but like I am actually growing up. I have watched myself change drastically over the last four years or so, not just in the way I look but also in the way I am as a person. I've seen my confidence fluctuate, my ambitions, motivation, worries, etc.. all change. And I am still changing. With every new person I meet, every new experience, I find out a little bit more about who I am as a person.

And I think it's ok to not truly know who you are yet or what you want to do with the rest of your life. Over the last couple of months everything has changed for me. I used to know exactly how I wanted my life to pan out, exactly what I was going to do and exactly where I was going to end up in 10 years. But the matter of fact is, I don't think you ever truly know. And now a lot of things I used to worry about, things that seemed so important, don't seem to matter so much. Outside of work and university, I just want to enjoy myself and be young while I can because life will work out eventually and spending too much time worrying about the future can damage the present. So here's 22 things I've learned in 22 years, basically a list of things I'd probably tell 16 year old me.

1. Overthinking kills your happiness. Why isn't he texting me back? Have I done something? Chances are, you haven't. 

2. It's ok to not know what you want to do with your life. Most people at this age don't. 

3. You don't have to talk to people everyday to prove your friendship. Real friends are the ones you can go months without speaking to and it's like you never stopped talking.

4. There are some friends who won't stay in your life. People change and drift apart. Yes it's sad but it's natural and part of life. 

5. It's ok to be single. Heck, I have way more fun when I'm single. This is the perfect age to be completely selfish, focus on your own needs and worry about romance later. 

6. Pain is temporary. It may seem bad now but trust me, in time you will look back and wonder why you ever let it bother you. 

7. Your friends and family may tell you that something or someone isn't a good idea and you can choose to listen to them but at the end of the day, you're going to make your own mistakes and learn from them. Or not. I've made the same mistake many many times. 

8. Treat yourself. Whether it's a cheat day during a diet or to some new makeup, treat yourself to something that makes you happy. 

9. If you need help, ask for it. Bottling things up will only make you feel worse.

10. Cut out negative people. Fairly self explanatory. 

11. Dance like no one is watching. Stop worrying about how you look and get out on that dancefloor. 

12. Holding grudges only makes you unhappy. Forgive, forget and move on. And if you really don't like someone, just keep away from them. 

13. You're not going to be successful at everything you do, so don't worry about failure. 

14. You can't please everyone. You just can't. So don't even try.

15. You can be intelligent, classy and sophisticated as well as sexy. You are not defined by your cleavage or the amount of skin you have on show.

16. Bacon is a gift sent from the gods. Cherish it. 

17. Your parents just want what is best for you. Talk to them, chances are they've been through similar things. 

18. Read books and use your imagination. There is no better escapism. 

19. Work hard in school. 

20. Life is too short to not eat cake.

21. Love yourself. You are capable of far much more than you give yourself credit for and you spend far too long putting yourself down. 


  1. Happy Birthday, hope you've had a great day! Loved this post, all your points are so true. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  2. Belated birthday wishes! Number 11!!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  3. 4 I can definitely agree with. It's quite strange moving on from place to place and finding new friends and at one point you realise that you don't even see the old ones anymore. There are a few friends which I wish I had kept in contact with more often but I guess thats just life :)
    Kathy x

  4. Happy belated birthday, hope you had a lovely day and what a great post to write. You have learned so much, you should feel really proud to have this kind of positive thinking at such a young age :) x

    Beauty with charm

  5. happy belated birthday. i hope you had a beautiful day. i turned 22 on the 15th and i do feel older too. pretty weird.


  6. Happy belated birthday lovely! Realising that so many other people don't have their life all figured out was such a positive step for me too, although its definitely hard to keep the faith sometimes when things aren't going your way. xx

    Kate | katedruryy.blogspot.com

  7. Happy belated birthday - I love reading posts like this, always nice to know what people have learnt over the years and take tips from it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  8. Welcome to the 22 club! Hope you listened to Taylor Swift ;) yes such a great list.. i'm 100% with you cutting out negative people.. i'm still trying not to overthink things xx


  9. I love the sequins bottle c: it's so pretty and cute.