A Trip Down Coconut Lane (+ 20% off code)

As a way of treating myself after my latest university hand in, I picked up a few new bits from one of my favourite websites, Coconut Lane. Coconut Lane is a bloggers dream, marble, rose gold, unicorns and all things pretty. The two pieces of jewellery I spoke about in my last post are my most worn accessories, in the day and on nights out and I've had so many compliments and questions on them. After a quick look on the website and a browse of all the new products they had, I was very eager to pick up a couple of new bracelets, as well as some of the other bits they stock, that I thought I'd share with you today as well as a discount code that will give you 20% off everything on their website!

The first thing I picked up was one of their prints. now normally I would make this kind of thing myself as it's much cheaper but after seeing this one I just couldn't resist buying it. Pizza, Prosecco, Puppies and Pyjamas, 4 of life's most wonderful creations beginning with P (other than pasta, which actually comes before pizza for me). The print is of really nice quality and it's not just printed onto plain a4 printer paper, it comes on a bit of a thicker stock which is nice as it feels like you get a little bit more for the price you're paying. I have this up above my desk along with a couple of other art pieces and it fits perfectly. I also love these sorts of hand painted typefaces.

I also bought one of their I Donut Care notebooks, just as a cute little way to jot down all the bits and pieces I need to do for university, shopping lists, lecture notes, that sort of thing. It's a nice size at A5 but not too bulky like a lot of the books I have. I love my blogger planner and diary but they both take up a lot of space in my bag and are a little on the weighty size so this is perfect to slip in my handbag or laptop case. All the pages are blank so you can use this for anything, from a sketchbook to writing a novel. It's also made from 100% recycled paper, making this completely environmentally friendly as well.

And finally, my favourite products offered by Coconut Lane, their jewellery. I picked two new bracelets to add to my ever growing collection, both in gold.

The first one I bought matches my arrow ring from their collection perfectly, this bangle is completely adjustable and comes in two different colours. It does feel a little loose on my wrist and moves about quite a bit but this is easily altered by simply bending the metal slightly to fit. It's a really simple and dainty yet pretty design and can be worn with just about anything. I like to layer it up with other bracelets at night or just wear it by itself in the day.

And finally my absolute favourite purchase. I've been eyeing up this marble bangle for some time now, I was so tempted to buy it in multiple colours (the turquoise is gorgeous). But, I was good and just picked up the one in gold and white, something that I think will go perfectly with just about everything. Though it seems a bit small at first, like the first bangle, it's completely adjustable so you can open and close it as you please and make it as loose or as tight as you like. I personally like to have it pretty snug around the wrist to keep it from moving. I like with this as well that you can wear it exactly on the wrist or slightly higher up, perfectly symmetrical or off centre depending on how you bend the metal. I've been wearing this near enough every day since picking it up!

You can get 20% anything at Coconut Lane with the code MEGAN20.

Will you be picking up anything from Coconut Lane?


  1. Coconut lane always do some lovely pieces! Definitely going to have to go purchase a few new things from there very soon xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  2. That marble bangle is SO pretty! I love that its adjustable too, I tend to avoid bangles because I have pretty small wrists and they always seem to fall off so I'm pretty tempted knowing that this would definitely stay put! xx

    Kate | katedruryy.co.uk

  3. I mentioned the marble bangle in my haul and oh my gosh I still want it to this day! It's beautiful. My favourite is their wall art though I think!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  4. All of the things you've picked up are so cute! I've never heard of Coconut Lane before but I'm definitely going to go check it out now x