Huge Beauty Haul

As most of you will know I was lucky enough to attend the Debenhams SS16 Beauty Press Show last month in London and after looking at all the latest releases I couldn't help but treat myself to a few (ok more than a few) new purchases. I did some serious damage to my student loan, in fact it's times like these when I'm glad that I don't live in the city as I know I'd soon be well into my overdraft. A fair few of these are products that I was introduced to at the event and just couldn't wait to get my hands on afterwards, as well as a couple I'd been lusting after. Part of the reason for waiting so long before writing up this post was that I wanted to give as many of these a try as possible, so I could give a proper opinion of them as opposed to just a first impression. Not to mention I finish uni in a week so life is pretty manic right now. (I don't want to enter the real world yet, I'm not ready.)

I hadn't actually planned on buying anything from Kiko but on my way to Debenhams I happened to pass by one of their stores and couldn't help but have a quick mosey, having never tried anything from the brand before. I was instantly drawn in by their newest Summer collection in this gorgeous gold packaging. The first thing I picked up was the Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer in 201 Sienna Melange. This is normally a lot darker than I would go for with a bronzer but it works an absolute dream with my fake tan, being very warm in tone. It's lovely and blendable and gives my skin a gorgeous radiant glow with a slight shimmer. I love to use this on my chest as well when wearing a low cut top, because if I haven't been on holiday I can at least pretend I have. The only thing I will say about this is it is slightly bulky, it's probably not one I'd pick for travelling but it is gorgeous nontheless and comes with a handy mirror in the top. Plus you get a whole lot of product for your dollar here.

I had to pick up one of the matching Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush in 02 Gypsy Pink as well, this is so pigmented I have to be super careful and use an incredibly light hand to apply it but it looks beautiful. The slight shimmer leaves my cheeks looking healthy and glowing and it doesn't come up patchy or too stark. The packaging on this isn't quite as bulky as the bronzer but it's still on the larger side, however for something limited edition like this and with a mirror, that's not something I mind too much.

While in Debenhams I quickly popped over to the Urban Decay counter to grab myself a bottle of the All Nighter Setting Spray as my bottle of Chill has come very close to the end and having heard nothing but excellent things about All Nighter, I was very keen to try it out. And the hype is real everyone. This stuff is insane. I can work a split shift on a Saturday from 4pm until 2am and my makeup is intact. Yes I get a little shiny but nothing has budged and that's what I expect out of my setting spray.

Makeup Forever is another brand that I had yet to try anything from until the press day where I was introduced to a couple of their base products. Now foundation is something I've never splurged on, probably one of the reasons I've resisted Nars Sheer Glow for so long. I think because I'm constantly flicking between tanned and pale and I get through the stuff so fast, I hate to spend any more than £15 or so. But the Ultra HD Foundation was definitely intriguing. This was described to me as basically being like a second skin and I can certainly vouch for that. Though it does give amazing medium coverage and a nearly flawless finish, it still looks lovely and natural. I'm currently using the shade Y315 which is perfect for when I'm using tan as it has a yellow undertone to it. To finish off my current everyday base I've also been using their HD Powder to set everywhere I want to keep matte or prevent creasing. This is a super soft, incredibly finely milled translucent powder that works an absolute dream. This is my first experience of loose powder and I think I've been converted.

I then popped over to Too Faced and went a little bit mad just picking up everything I'd ever wanted to try out. I didn't even stop to think, right Megan, do you actually need this? Can you afford this? I just didn't care. The first thing I wanted to try was one of their Love Flush Blushes. I picked mine up in the shade I Will Always Love You. I have to give it to Too Faced for their packaging on this one, these super adorable Polly Pocket-esque compacts are perfect and they've thought about everything, even down to the design embossed on the blush. So pretty I nearly couldn't bring myself to swatch it. The formula of these is fantastic as well, super pigmented, long wearing and easy to blend. The Better Than Sex Mascara is another product that's been on my list for what feels like a lifetime. This mascara is so hyped up and with good reason. Without falsies it made my lashes feel voluminous, longer and lasted all day without crumbling. It did give them a slightly clumpy affect but this is something I prefer, if you're not into that look then this is something I'd maybe avoid. After reading about the Hangover Primer on Jasmine's Blog I was very eager to try it out and it lives up to expectations. The clue with this is really in the name. Though I do love this every day, it really is great for when your skin is feeling a little dull, dry and lifeless. The formula is super hydrating and refreshing with a subtle coconut scent that instantly makes my skin feel boosted. In terms of wear time, paired with my current base routine and setting spray, my makeup lasts all day.

The Balm was another brand at the Beauty Press Show that I was really eager to try more from as I've only ever used the Mary Lou Manizer (my ride or die) and the one product that just screamed my name was their new Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette. Oh my goodness, this is just an absolute dream and spare a few Makeup Geek shadows here and there, the only thing I've been using on my eyes for the past 3 weeks. For nearly £40 you get nine totally matte shades, though I do think this is slightly on the pricey side considering you only get a handful of shades, they are large pans and the quality of these is like no other. I've probably said countless times on this blog that my man concern with matte shades is that they'll be chalky, dry and hard to blend but this just isn't the case with these. They're velvety smooth, triple milled with incredible colour payoff. I've currently been loving Matt Lopez as a base shade with Matt Reed in the crease and Matt Kumar in the outer v for an all over warm matte eye look. I also took the opportunity to grab two of their Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks whilst they were in stock. Charming and Committed are both perfect day shades that can transition into night and in all honestly, these are probably some of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I've worn in terms of dryness and cracking. They also have a refreshing peppermint scent and wear really nicely even after eating and drinking.

And finally I rushed over to the Mac counter in Selfridges with the intention of just buying a brown lipstick, something like Velvet Teddy. Instead I came out with two new shadows, a lipstick and a lip liner. Oh well. I ended up picking up Whirl instead of Velvet Teddy, I fell in love with the shade, super sexy and wearable, perfect for a night out and goes with so many different outfits and makeup looks. I couldn't leave without the matching liner though could I? And despite much preferring Makeup Geek shadows over Mac, I had to pick up a couple more as I am determined to finish my palette. I grabbed Nylon and Amber Lights. I can't make much of a comment on the formula or how I like these as I have been pretty much wearing the Meet Matt(e) palette so religiously but they seem pretty consistent with other Mac shadows. I picked up Nylon for an inner corner highlight and Amber Lights as an all over the lid shade, as a warm gold is something I think my collection lacks.

And that's everything! What new beauty bits have you picked up lately?


  1. Wow what a fun roundup of products! The TooFaced primer has heavily been on rotation since I picked it up ! Although I'm not a huge fan of coconut smells in general, this one actually smells delightful! And it made me want more coconut scented products haha. I just picked up an empty MAC palette and depotted all my single shadows (only have 4) and I have a long way to finish up my palette, but Amber Lights is definitely on my list. But I also get a Back2Mac so I'm thinking either Velvet Teddy or Whirl! I'll just have to see which one I prefer more in person.

    Cindy |

  2. Great haul! I love so many of the things you picked up! I've just done a H&M beauty haul!

    Stephanie xxx

  3. Ah so glad you like the Hangover primer :) I love their blush formula too so will have to check out I Will Always Love You next. The new KIKO collection's packaging is just gorgeous! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  4. Hey what else is a student loan for hahah! I am seriously gawping over how gorgeous that KIKO packaging is, seriously that is flatlay worthy! The Too Faced blushers are so stunning, you're giving me total envy right now! I just picked up the UD setting spray, it's incredible! My makeup on nights out has legit changed forever xx

  5. The matte palette looks so cool!! I will definitely be making a purchase when these are available :)
    Kathy x

  6. I literally want all of this, it's all such great stuff. I do wonder how much you paid in the end though, but if I were you I wouldn't want to look at my bank account haha!
    Charlotte //

  7. Ive never tried anything from Kiko but I'm dying to!!! Everything you got looks fabulous!