Bat Those Lashes!*

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you'll be more than aware of my love for false lashes, not just on nights out but for day to day life as well. To cut a long story short, I went through a phase of picking off my mascara, unfortunately ruining my natural lashes in the process. Fast forward a few months and here I am, a 22 year old with a serious lash addiction.

I was lucky enough to be contacted by recently and asked if I wanted to try out a couple of pairs of lashes and of course, I could't say no, especially considering I was in desperate need of some new pairs. And with False Eyelashes already being my site of choice, it was a win win situation. I stuck with two brands I already knew I loved, Eyelure and Red Cherry but decided to mix it up a bit with the style of lash.

First I chose the Vegas Nay Eyelure lashes in Easy Elegance. Any avid beauty lover will be more than aware of Vegas Nay, unless of course you've been living under a rock recently. The makeup artist has teamed up with Eyelure to release a line of lashes ranging from the more natural to intense and dramatic and I'd say these sit somewhere nicely in between. They're a really textured and full style on a nice thin band that makes them super easy to apply. What's really nice about these lashes as well is the way they fan out towards the outer edges, helping to give the illusion that your eyes are bigger. Of the two styles I have to say these are probably my favourite, they're really fluttery and pretty without being too intense or dramatic and can work with just about any makeup look, whether you want to play up the eyes or keep them more simple.

The second pair I chose were by the brand Red Cherry in the style Trace, a more recent favourite of mine. The sheer choice of style available and the quality you get for such a low price is incredible. Their lashes are made from 100% human hair (sounds gross I know, but if you wear hair extensions or anything like that, I really don't see the difference). This helps them look super natural despite how volumous or long they are as they don't have that synthetic plastic look that some cheaper lashes can have. These lashes also fan out towards the outer edges, so they're perfect for anyone trying to achieve that doe eyed look on a night out.

If you're just starting out with lashes, these two brands are definitely a good place to start. Both brands come with a ridiculous amount of choice, with something for everyone. With Eyelure lashes, they're helpfully split into categories, everything from naturals to dramatic, volume to length. You also get the benefit of the adhesive coming included, so there's no need to dish out on any additional lash glue. If you want something a little cheaper, I definitely recommend trying out Red Cherry. Or you can try a completely different brand and have dozens to choose from with free 1st class delivery in the UK on all orders and free gifts with orders over a certain amount. So go wild and bat those lashes!

* This post features free PR samples however all opinions are my own. I only accept and write about products that I genuinely enjoy and think work on the blog. I am always 100% honest. 


  1. These eye lashes are gorgeous! x

  2. The lashes look great, is such a great website!

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  3. I love Red cherry lashes, I will check that style out! I also love too :) xx

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  4. I wish I was good at applying false lashes i am just hopeless. I love how they look on other people x|YSL Giveaway