Making A House A Home

Some of you may be aware that in September of 2016, I moved out of my family home and into a flat in Manchester. And though I'm totally settled in now and I have brought a lot of little bits and pieces with me that made it feel like home, there's still lots I want to get for the room to feel complete. Some more practical bits and others more decorative but it's all of these combined that really help to make a space more homely and comfortable.

You can probably see a bit of a theme running through all the items I've picked and the things I have in my room already, I'm definitely going for the copper, marble with pops of palm print and pastel pink look with a base of white and grey. Having the black, white and grey as a base to start with means I can easily swap colours in or out depending on the season and if I fancy a change, it's only the odd accessory that needs switching up. Currently I have white bedding, with all white/cream cushions, grey and black throws, so a couple of bright cushions to break this up would work really nicely. I found the lamp in Home Sense and I'm so glad I picked it up when I did, the shade is copper with a really cool almost industrial looking concrete base and a black and white cord. The little tray is an Urban Oufitters find. In terms of where I look for homeware, my first port of call is Primark. They have a great selection of really reasonably priced accessories with constant new designs. Another great one is H&M, as well as Home Sense and Urban Outfitters if you have a little more cash to spare. I've also come across some other great places while I was putting together this wishlist, which I'll link below.

The first more practical bits I want to get are a couple of pieces of furniture. Currently, I sit on my bed to do my makeup in the morning and though this is fine and the lighting directly under a spotlight is absolutely fine, I'd really like an actual place to sit and do my face where I also have easier access to my makeup in some acrylic drawers. All my non-everyday makeup is stored in one box, making it difficult to access and slightly neglected, so having this would definitely mean that I rotate through my products a little bit more and reach for those that are a little bit unloved. I also want a light up mirror to go on here, just for that selfie perfect lighting. I have loads of prints and photos that I want to clip up somewhere so I think this wire mesh wall grid from Urban Outfitters would be the perfect way to display these. I also want to pick up some of the classic Ikea Kallax shelves so that I can properly store books and other items I want on display as well as these gorgeous vintage looking grey trunks which I'll probably end up keeping pyjamas and knitwear in to save me keeping everything on the one shelf in my wardrobe. In terms of decoration the main bits I'm really after are cushions, pots for makeup brushes and a little potted plant to bring some more greenery to the room.


Do you have any bits you want to help make your house a home?


  1. Love your picks, so girly & pretty! Especially the vintage trunk looks beautiful! And the pink stool! I sometimes I really wish pink worked in my home dammit! x

  2. Love your picks! I'm obsessed with blush pink right now and it's all over my room too. I've got a leaf theme running through as well. It makes a room feel so fresh and it's going to be perfect for spring/summer x

    Lauren |

  3. Love the theme you're going for! That lamp is so pretty. At home I have a very white room with touches of copper too. My favourite thing for homeware atm are cute motivational prints/frames!xx

    Lucy x |

  4. Im moving out in September so I'm slowing beginning to find little bits and pieces I want to take with me. Love the grey pillow and I have to get my hands on a wire board!

    xx Dany | The Queens Empire

  5. I love primark homeware. Its so cheap. That lamp is lovely! Definitely going to try to get that xx

    LPage Beauty

  6. This is a lovely post. I have just bought my first home so my live revolves around homeware at the moment!

    Danielle xx

  7. Love the theme that you're going for.. Really like the pillows especially the palm leaves one.. i've been looking for wire baskets to put stuff in and these look fab