Home Touches with Cox & Cox*

You might recall a post I wrote back in February in which I shared a few of the homeware bits on my wishlist and the things I want to buy in order to make my room in Manchester more of a home. Well since that post, I've slowly been picking up bits and pieces when I can afford them in order to add little finishing touches to my bedroom. I was also lucky enough to be gifted a couple of pieces from Cox & Cox, carry on reading to hear all about them!

The theme I'm going for in my room is a selection of greys, dusty pinks, black, white and tropical greens with hints of copper. I love the ideal of having quite a neutral base and being able to switch up the accessories to create a whole new look. I was lucky enough a couple of weekends ago to be asked by Cox & Cox if I wanted to pick out some product from their website and after a quick look, I immediately settled on these glass copper frames. (One pictured). I love how different these are to traditional frames, completely glass with just a thin copper frame and that you get two separate sides, almost like your own little scrapbook. The first thing I noticed about these frames was how weighty they are, they feel incredible quality and sit like a dream on my bedside tables. I always seem to knock over traditional frames or bend the stand on them, so these are perfect for me.

As you can see I've just put some polaroids in mine (I did have to stack a few to stop them slipping around) but you could use anything in these from photos to prints or even a collage of sorts. It makes all the difference to a room being able to have personal photos on display. Aside from these frames, Cox & Cox have a gorgeous selection of homeware products for all sorts of rooms and tastes, definitely somewhere to check out if you're looking to invest in some unique, beautiful and on-trend pieces for the home. I love their collection of grey and dusty pink pieces, as well as all the faux flowers and plants.

I also picked up some other pieces from Primark including these almost suede feeling pillows in a light grey and dusty pink as well as this gorgeous tropical print bedding. It has one light side and one dark, depending on the look you're going for. I can't wait to start adding even more touches to my room, I still desperately need some proper storage solutions for my makeup collection but it is definitely starting to feel a lot more like home.

Have you picked up any new homeware recently?


  1. Lovely post. I have a similar theme in my room where it is grey, white and dusty pink with bits of copper thrown in there, just love how it looks.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. What a gorgeous copper frame, I love it. The decor and style of your room sounds perfect x

    Beauty with charm