The Embroidered Shoes You NEED

If there's one trend recently that I've been really digging, it's embroidery. On shoes, dresses, bags, everything. There's something about the simple addition of a few floral elements that can really bring what would have been a simple piece of clothing to life, whether it's a shirt, shoes, dress or jeans. And I have found THE best pair of embroidered mules to share with you, seriously, when I saw these I instantly fell in love. And the best part? They're only £16.

Relaxing Evening with Bolsius*

For the first weekend in what feels like months, I am staying in. No alcohol, no meals out, just an entire two days spent in the flat eating salads and only venturing out if it's for an intense gym session. Trust me, it's been difficult. It's now Saturday night and I've already fought off the urge to order pizza and turned down an invitation to go out for drinks, that's pretty good work for a girl with a serious case of FOMO. But it feels good. It feels good not waking up with a serious case of dry mouth and a killer hangover. It feels good saving money and it feels good not having to worry about the excessive calories I'd normally be consuming.