Half Year Reflection & July Goals

It really doesn't seem like all that long ago I was sitting down to write my New Years Resolutions and 2017 goals and here we are coming to the end of July. My dad really was right when he said that time flies by when you get older and the last six months are complete evidence of that. I honestly couldn't tell you where the time has gone or what I've even been doing for the last few months, it seems to have gone past in a complete daze but no complaints from me. I'm pretty sure, apart from a few minor setbacks, it's been a fantastic half year and I'm excited to see what the rest of it has in store. I actually went back last week and had a read through my 2017 goals and 2016 reflection and it's amazing to see just how things can change in what is a relatively short space of time, so, if like me you're nosy and like hearing about people's lives, then sit tight and grab a cuppa cause we're going in. (For reference you can read my 2016 reflection post here.)