Luscious Locks with Alchemy Oils*

Once upon a time I decided that I wanted to be blonde for Summer. And I'm not just talking a few highlights blonde, I'm talking full head, bleach, toning, bright blonde. After a couple of failed box dye attempts I decided it was probably time to bite the bullet and invest in a professional. Long story short I visited the hairdressers three times in the space of about two weeks and you can only imagine the damage this inflicted on my poor hair. In a short space of time, excessive bleach, straightening and blow drying turned my soft past-the-nipple length brown hair into shoulder length, dry, damaged not-even-blonde hair. I didn't even get a haircut in that time, the change in length all came down to breakage, snapping and split ends. Safe to say I quickly went back brown and began the journey to repairing my hair.

Jump forward 4/5 years and a hell of a lot of TLC later and my hair is finally getting back to where it used to be. Granted, it's nowhere near as thick as it once was but it's definitely come leaps and bounds in the past few years. One problem I have realised I suffer with a lot more than I used to is dry frizzy hair. (Though I'm adamant this is also to do with the water in Manchester because my hair is always so soft when I shower back home). Straightening is one way to combat this but I hate having to use all that excess heat just to tame my frizz which in turn will just lead to more dry hair. I've tried all sorts of masks, conditioning treatments and other tips & tricks that have helped but one thing that's made a massive difference is using oils. You've probably heard of using Moroccan oil and Argan oil but a new brand recently introduced to me was Alchemy Oils. I was kindly sent one of their Grapefruit Hair Remedies to try out and I've been loving the results.

First, a little bit about the company. Alchemy Oils use nothing but oils in their product, no parabens, sulphates, silicones, etc. Just pure oil, designed to meet specific needs. They have blends created to stimulate hair growth, treat hair loss, add shine, smooth hair, and promote stronger, healthier hair. The Grapefruit Remedy I received is made from coconut, avocado, almond, castor and of course, grapefruit oil. I love that this is an all natural product, it makes a nice change from all the other products and chemicals I feel I'm constantly applying to my hair and scalp. The first thing you'll notice with these products is the packaging. They feel expensive in these gorgeous, old style apothecary bottles with wooden stoppers. The one thing I wish they did have is some form of dropper or a way to apply the product rather than having to pour it onto your hand and risk using too much. The second thing to notice is the smell. It has this incredibly citrusy, fresh scent from the grapefruit oil, so all natural again with no additives. It's probably the nicest smelling oil I own.

Now you can use these oils in a few different ways. Generally when using oils I tend to add a tiny bit to my dry hair just to tidy up fly aways and frizz but with this I really enjoyed experimenting with a couple of the other ways they could be used. First I tried putting it in wet hair before styling. Now I'm not going to lie to you the first couple of times I tried this I used way too much product and even after drying and straightening my hair felt greasy. You really only need the smallest amount applied to the ends of your hair. Again, this could be helped by a dropper of some sort but a steady hand is fine. My favourite way to use it is applying to my hair before showering, leaving it for about 20 minutes and then washing my hair as usual. It left my hair feeling so much softer and almost moisturised. You can leave this on for 10 minutes or even longer depending on how much attention your hair needs. And finally you can use on dry hair to tame any split ends and fly aways. It's definitely a product I'm going to continue using, especially as an avid hair straightener, it's great for heat protection and making my hair look and feel super soft.

You can get the Grapefruit Hair Remedy on their site here for £24.

* This post features free PR samples however all opinions are my own. I only accept and write about products that I genuinely enjoy and think work on the blog. I am always 100% honest.

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  1. I may have to pick this up, my hair has been particularly dry at the moment. I think it's down to the change in the weather!

    Danielle xx